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This website is a guide to architecture in Hamburg.
It focusses on modern architecture but there are also examples from other periods.
Unfortunately there is no english version at the moment. Therefore a brief explanation how the website works:
You can browse/search projects in two different ways:
For browsing projects in a list use "Architektur nach Daten"

projects can be sorted by project-names = "Name"
  year of completion = "Baujahr"
  designer / architect = "Enwerfer"
  address = "Adresse"
  neighbourhood = "Stadteil"
  style = "Stil"
  buildingtype = "Typus"
for more photos of a project, click more = "mehr"
to get back to the list, click back to list = "zurück zur Liste"

For finding projects on a map use "Architektur im Stadtteil".
By clicking on a pin you get a short explanation of the project, some projects have a link to additional photos.
To get back to the map, click = "zurück zur Karte"
If youclick on a project on the list on the left-side of the map, the location shows on the map.

Projects are added regularly. For comments and suggestions mail to: info@stadtansichten-hamburg.de


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